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Contrary to the shit-talk it has been getting, the Burning Man festival is now mainly just a 3-day festival where everyone dresses up in odd fasions (fun) and trip out on weed, psychedelics, and a helluva lot of beer.

Its origins started in Pagan times when the Celts would burn a wooden effigy of a man to convey repentence to their gods in the idea of giving a false sacrifice.

Thankfully, we've disgraced it to the point of where it's just like a 72-hour shroom trip.
"Dude, are you going to Burning Man this year?"
"Yes, a bunch of naked, tripping, and rolling weirdos who just want to rub up next to you and say 'Will you be my Buffy-Bear?'. What are we, twelve?"
(Quoted from American Dad (not exactly as said, though))
by Gigolo June 08, 2012

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