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yo fuck the haters, mclean va is the place to be, reppin the 7-0-3
"come to mclean virginia and lets smoke a blunt"
by cdawg116 April 21, 2008
V - to make someone dead is to masturbate on them, while looking at them, without them knowing, and then ejaculate on them. It only counts if you are male and they are also male, otherwise youre just being creepy. This is also called killing them. If you survive the longest without being killed, you are the winner and the game starts over.
"i totally made alex doyle dead the other day."
"yeah to make dead another person is awesome"
by cdawg116 December 03, 2008
V - to wear a diaper, for no reason other than that you want to wear a diaper for fun and poop and pee in it.
"Dude do you pad up?"
"Yeah dude im padding up right now. My mom left so I have the house to myself, im just paddin"
by cdawg116 December 03, 2008
V. Intentionally or accidentally showing another man your penis.
"Dude i just burned alex so hard. he was on the computer and i just snuck up behind him and put my dick right at eye level then waited for him to turn around."
"yeah burning is awesome"
by cdawg116 December 03, 2008

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