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A phrase referring to reefer and driving. Imagine yourself cruising in your car with the windows up, or part of the way down, smoking it up and just cruising along a road. In Westchester, youth have actually defined certain areas and roads as burn cruise areas. Rock on ^_^
I'm gonna jump in the ford and go on a burn cruise with my homies down to Yonkers.
by Sanguinairius October 21, 2004
Most often refers to the act of smoking marijuana while driving. Common location is generally an unpopulated area or backcountry road. In reality, a TRUE burn cruise consists of leaving and returning to the original location without stopping; the sole purpose of using the car is as a smoking venue. Length of drive may vary from a few minutes to a few hours depending on fuel efficiency and the ability to acquire a friends/parents gas card.
Person A: What are you doing tonight?
Person B: Hopefully smoking marijuana.
Person A: That sounds delightful. I will pick you up in 10 min and we'll burn cruise it.
by Got doja? November 28, 2009
a usually destination-less drive with the sole purpose of partaking herb. Often times a result of having no other safe place to burn. Characterized by driving under the speed limit, becoming (un)intentionally lost, and around 2-4 very high looking individuals.
aaaww man, i got some dank i wanna burn but my parents are home!

fuck it, lets take the caddy for a burn cruise!
by 420247420420420 February 25, 2010
BurnCruise: To smoke Marijuana and ONLY Marijuana while moving in a motor vechile
Wad Up Homie, Lets boot outta town and take a BurnCruise and see some new sites and places to see.
by Tzs April 24, 2006
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