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Working on the boat is a euphemism for masturbating. Our friend would give an excuse for not hanging out with us by saying that, "he was working on the boat". Eventually we got so bothered by his "working on the boat" that we went to his house and asked his mother and she told us that he was in the bathroom. However he didn't exit the bathroom for 45 minutes. Thus he was "working on the boat".
Person 1: Hey were going over to my house, want to come?
Person 2: Sorry, I gotta work on the boat.

Person 1: Where were you man?
Person 2: Sorry, I was at my house working on the boat.
by mckeky01 August 11, 2010
Is a term used to describe someone who has consumed excess amounts of alcohol and smoked marijuana. This is because a person who has done this usually turns very pale and loses the ability to complete basic functions, such as holding a conversation or using their cellular devices. A person in zombie mode also will struggle to stay conscious and may pass out very early.
Example 1: On Halloween eve last year some of my friends drank plenty of alcohol and walked over to a seniors house, where they then smoked marijuana. After this they walked back through campus to their dorms, thus being zombies for halloween.

Example 2: Went to a party and saw a freshman I knew sitting on the couch all alone. I went over to initiate a conversation with the freshman only to discover that he could not hold a conversation or even keep his eyes open. He was in zombie mode.

Example 3: Person 1: Hey man, what happened to you last night?
Person 2: Yeah, I passed out at like nine o'clock.
Person 1: Really? Why?
Person 2: Dude, I was a total zombie last night.
by mckeky01 August 31, 2010
When you borrow a friends car or drive a car that you usally don't get to drive and then burn cruise in it without letting the owner know.
Example 1: I borrowed my friend's car so that I could go to the store to get some groceries. On the way there we Grand Theft Burn Cruised his car. Got to the store and bought groceries and a spray bottle of febreeze.

Example 2: My parents went out of town and I got to "borrow" his new BMW 750Li. I then proceeded to Grand Theft Burn Cruise on my way to Taco Bell.
by mckeky01 November 06, 2010

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