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a stupid person who finds pleasure when looking at animals making love.
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
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In other words, another way of saying im gonna have a bit of a vomit or something like it...
Burke - it seems i feel sick
friend - oh are u ok?
Burke - No i beleive i need to burky
friend - please do not burke on my shoe!
by Biddyy June 07, 2006
A term used for vomit, munt, toss your cookies, chunder etc. Derived from a surname which was shortened to the word 'burky'. Usually happens on boats (sea sickness) at parties (drunk boys and biddies)and at clubs.
Clubber 1: I heart this song!
Clubber 2: Right on..right on
Clubber 1: Man i don't feel so good...
Clubber 2: Are you gona burky?
Clubber 1: *BURK* Right on...
by hotto June 13, 2006
Burky is a fag, he also loves horses, hoses, and Moses.
"Burky's such a fag" "Agreed"
by qpwoeirutys2 May 15, 2006
burk - noun - a cook good who is referred as a neegah that isn't white washed and acts like a fob in a dorky way

founded by jing j. and nancy n. bizzznitchh
nancy: so you're a burk
jing: u too!
nancy: hell yeah shiet
jing: burky fo lifeeeee
nancy: chyeaa baby!!! haha
jing: w00t w00t .. wha wha brrr brrr burkyyyyy
by jing and nancy January 30, 2004

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