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A person who is the master of burky. (The person in some one's group who when they go out is always the one who drinks too much and has a power vomit.)
Dude, Greico is the burkmeister! Last night she power burks off the balcony, and tonight she projectile burks into the footpath. woah!
#burk #burkey #burkie #burke #vom #munt #throw up
by hotto June 13, 2006
A term used for vomit, munt, toss your cookies, chunder etc. Derived from a surname which was shortened to the word 'burky'. Usually happens on boats (sea sickness) at parties (drunk boys and biddies)and at clubs.
Clubber 1: I heart this song!
Clubber 2: Right on..right on
Clubber 1: Man i don't feel so good...
Clubber 2: Are you gona burky?
Clubber 1: *BURK* Right on...
#vomit #munt #chunder #throw-up #burk #burkey #burky #burkie burke
by hotto June 13, 2006
A descriptive word that sounds like it would describe something bad, but on the contrary it describes something that is totally off the hook. Can be used to decribe things or people. Can be shortened to 'dmp'.
girl 1: i look totally dirty mint porn tonight
girl 2: right on chick, your killer VW golf car is so dmp aswell!
#hot #off the hook #cool #mad #awesome
by hotto June 13, 2006
A word that uleh boys call their girlfriends or girls in general who are either attractive or unattractive.
Uleh Boy 1: Bro, uleh! wana come get a sick kebab with me?
Uleh Boy 2: Oh, sorry Peter, I'm seein' my new biddy now.
Uleh boy 1: Oh Jason what's her name bro?
Uleh boy 2: My biddy's called Katrina.
#wogs #uleh #biddy #biddie #biddies #ladies #girls #women
by hotto June 13, 2006
A gangster playa version of the word 'explosive'. commonly used by teenage boys who think they are down with black gangster shambo talk. Is also a song by doctor dre which is also popular in the teenage wigga community. these wigga's can be dubbed 'XXPLOSIVE'
wigga: XXPLOSIVE, west coast shit my nigga...
hot biddy: uh what..?
wigga: ohhh jslutt jslutt..that's your name yeh?
hot biddy: just keep listening to dre ok.....
#wigga #gangster #player #shambo #nigga
by hotto June 21, 2006
the sweetest gangster shambo at ruyton girls' school.
shit playa here comes b b b b B-uNIT!!
#mint #dirty #cool #sweet #player
by hotto June 07, 2006
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