-A snitch
-An Ass hole
-A douchebag
-A betraying little bitch
guy1: Yo Y'all heard about Burke?
guy2: Yeah, word is his bitch ass snitched on 10 people this time
by DatNiggaJerome April 02, 2015
beyond an idiot, a right proper bellend, total cunt. should of been drowned at birth.
your a burke... cunt bellend nob
by c.b,is,a,bellend February 15, 2014
This is a very common and popularized word which comes from the root: beurk.
This phrase is commonly used to replace any insult and is only looked upon in bad context.
It is a word that should only be used if need be, frankly its just not a nice thing to say.
The term can also be altered depending on the situation , such as :
Im going to burke you!

what a f*ckin Burke

Stop Burking like that.

Dont be a burke.

F*ck you, Burke.

You are Burking all over the place...its disgusting.

by TEEFE April 11, 2009
A douche that wears j-j-j-j-jorts!!!!!!
Damn that turd is a Burke!
by Burkeman July 03, 2010
a girl who is in8th grade, who is obsessed with abercrombie, hollister, dick's sporting goods, and other stores at crocker park, and other malls, and has some good friends, and her friends call her, her lastname. And has friends who talk about sheeb, and foopas alot
Laura: BURKES!!!!!!!
Alexandra: Hi

Cecile:hey whats Burkes's lastname

Olivia: Burkes is her lastname, duhhh

Cecile: o yeah, hahaha
by yeahitsme November 21, 2007
Burke: v. To suffocate someone using a soft object that will leave little to no trace evidence (i.e. a pillow, your hands, etc). Taken from a historical crime file in which a man surnamed Burke, who ran an inn, found one of his patrons dead in thier room. He took the body to a coroner's office for identification where they paid him a large sum of money for the cadaver, mistaking him for a grave robber. Then he realized he could get money for any body he delivered, and he began suffocating his tenants with their pillows and selling them to the coroner's office for medical experimentation.
Mary Sue: "I don't want to stay at that inn, it looks like a place you could get burked any moment."
Matt the innkeeper (holding a pillow inconspicuously behind his back): "Don't worry, come in and I'll get you all settled in..."
by Maggie: forensics freak March 18, 2006
verb: to refuse to answer a legitmate question of musical trivia while responding incredulously to the asker's ignorance.
"You really don't know what album this is off of? Really? Really?"
"Don't burke me. I have things to do besides memorizing the Guided by Voices catalog."
by Lellah February 07, 2008

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