verb: to refuse to answer a legitmate question of musical trivia while responding incredulously to the asker's ignorance.
"You really don't know what album this is off of? Really? Really?"
"Don't burke me. I have things to do besides memorizing the Guided by Voices catalog."
by Lellah February 07, 2008
The last little bit of anything that is left after the rest was taken. It is left out of fear that someone knowing you took the last one.
There was a burke left on the plate in the living room. That one stuffed mushroom sat there for like 3 hours 'cause no one wanted to take the burke.

I left a burke of half and half for meg. It was less than a teaspoon. She is gonna kill me.
by Clintoncooper October 15, 2008
1. to be as drunk or high as you possibly can while operating a car over 101 mph

2. to set a land speed record above 130 mph on every country road in your community

3. to be a legend at your school for losing your license for 6 months for one speeding offense, getting stoned every night while you do your homework, or do a keg stand at breakfast, lunch, dinner and when you have the munchies

4. speeding as fast as possible to get places on time
1. Dude I burked it last night with 4 bitches in the car and didn't get pulled over!!!
2. I was burking it last night and hit 135 on Drake Rd.
3. I pulled a burke and got screwed for speeding, but who cares cuz now I have all the more reason to sit at home, get stoned and get as shitdaced as possible!!!
4. OMFG, I overslept and didn't want to be late today so I Burked it to school!!!
by MIKE BURRRRRRKE! November 20, 2006
sweating uncontrollably, whining uncontrollably, creeping around the corners, expressing an opinion but no one listens, annually passed up for promotions, attacking co-workers
I just got my raise today, looks like I just got "burked-over".
God, it is really hot in here, I can't stop "burking".
Stop "burking", no one wants to hear that.
by AJ3354 April 01, 2008
To brazenly refuse a simple request for help, assistance, etc.
To decisively deny or shut someone down.
Friend #1: Can you give me a ride home since you're headed in that direction?

Friend #2: Sorry, I don't think so.

Friend #1: Why not? it's literally right on the way!

Friend #2: I just can't.

Friend #1: Man, you dick! Way to burke me!
by Jerrod THC September 05, 2007
a term similar to the slang gronk, but mainly aimed at graffiti artists (adlays or chavs) who lack style and self respect.
eshay, what a burke!

that chav is burking hard
by phlux March 23, 2005
1. noun: A coniving person consumed with self-interest and completely lacking in morality or any other redeeming qualities, exemplified by an abuse of power or act of subversion.

2. verb: to act in a manner reminiscent of the character "Carter Burke" played by Paul Reiser in the classic sci-fi action movie "Aliens" released in 1986. Also "berked"

synonyms: snake, waste of space, piece of shit, spineless, sub-human, parasite.
My boss is such a burke; he's taking all the credit for my idea and threatening to transfer me if I breathe a word of it!

That little punk burked us out to the feds for a lighter sentence!
by C_zar January 23, 2005
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