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The term used to describe the peculiarly wide nipples of a male or female, such characteristics give the illusion that the bearer of such nipples has burgers placed upon their breasts. The suburbs surrounding the tip of the nipple must exceed a diameter of 5cm / 2 inches in order for them to be formally classified and referred to as "Burger Nips."
(Dennis removes his shirt)

Ciaran: "Woah mate! Your nips are fakin huge!"

Dennis: "Hey shut up! They're my burger nips, anyway, at least I'm not ginger!"
by nicomate! May 20, 2010
huge nipples usually found on big huge saggy boobs
The fat bird I smashed had burger nips
by DPG May 02, 2005
To have nipples of a large diameter, somehwat resembling the lid of a burger bun
check it out, daves got burger nips
by PERDZ June 14, 2007
huge big brown nipples,usually found on obese woman or men with a weight problem.Tend to be sweaty and very phat.
'what are those brown circes i can see through your t-shirt?'

'there just my burger nips'
by rebecca leech November 08, 2006
Large, flat, and often rather darkly coloured female nipples, giving the impression of a beefburger having been placed on each breast.
A. How were her tits?
B. She had fucking burger-nips.
A. Shit, dude.

I have a penchant for a pair of tasty burger-nips.
by fruity-froot August 17, 2006
When The nipples of a girls breast are so large they resemble a burger (burger nips); The shape often defines lettuce, tomato and beef and sometimes cheese
Tom: Hey dude you see that chicks burger nips?
Ben: Yeah they were right saucy
by Callumbro January 05, 2014
Over-sized nipples, which are seen as unattractive by the wider western population, however may be seen as attractive in societies where incestism is accepted e.g. (Lower) Dukinfield. Girls with burger-nips should not ever remove their clothing and if they do, it is legal to shoot them on site - to protect the nations children.
"Woah, hasn't Kayleigh got big burger-nips!"
"Woah, hasn't Aimee got big burger-nips!"
"Shit, shoot it - look at those burger-nips!"
by grapeeefruiteee August 12, 2014