The term used to describe the peculiarly wide nipples of a male or female, such characteristics give the illusion that the bearer of such nipples has burgers placed upon their breasts. The suburbs surrounding the tip of the nipple must exceed a diameter of 5cm / 2 inches in order for them to be formally classified and referred to as "Burger Nips."
(Dennis removes his shirt)

Ciaran: "Woah mate! Your nips are fakin huge!"

Dennis: "Hey shut up! They're my burger nips, anyway, at least I'm not ginger!"
by nicomate! May 20, 2010
Top Definition
huge nipples usually found on big huge saggy boobs
The fat bird I smashed had burger nips
by DPG May 02, 2005
To have nipples of a large diameter, somehwat resembling the lid of a burger bun
check it out, daves got burger nips
by PERDZ June 14, 2007
huge big brown nipples,usually found on obese woman or men with a weight problem.Tend to be sweaty and very phat.
'what are those brown circes i can see through your t-shirt?'

'there just my burger nips'
by rebecca leech November 08, 2006
When The nipples of a girls breast are so large they resemble a burger (burger nips); The shape often defines lettuce, tomato and beef and sometimes cheese
Tom: Hey dude you see that chicks burger nips?
Ben: Yeah they were right saucy
by Callumbro January 05, 2014
Large, flat, and often rather darkly coloured female nipples, giving the impression of a beefburger having been placed on each breast.
A. How were her tits?
B. She had fucking burger-nips.
A. Shit, dude.

I have a penchant for a pair of tasty burger-nips.
by fruity-froot August 17, 2006
Some one who's nips are like Everest and K2 sitting on someone's chest.
Person 1: haha your fat
Person 2: At least I don't have burger nips
Randomer: Oooooooh killem
by Mr.Whetwhet March 13, 2015
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