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A gay man living in Luxembourg.
He's a burger queen.
by Ziggy Stardust June 08, 2005
Midwestern USA slang/slur for a homosexual male with bad taste, and no class. Basically, a "drive-thru" mentality about sexual activity and character. May include, but not be exclusive of tacky clothing and shoes.
"Oh my god, did you see that burgerqueen at the truck stop trying to hook up with those truck drivers?"
by Annie63 March 20, 2007
The passive male during gay sex.
- What did you do last night?
- Nothing special, me and Jeff did some bed-dancing. He was the burger queen.
by Alex_rndcrp March 30, 2008
A fat chick; who tries to eat all of your food.
Wow, that Stephanie sure is a Burger Queen; she almost ate my entire Shawarma!
by Steve 94.5-3 May 23, 2007
A homosexual male that prefers heavy set guys
sam: I can't believe Jason dates Carl. Carl is so not attractive because of his weight.
Jason: I can he is a burger queen.
by brrrrandon March 26, 2014
A fat, homosexual male.
There are usually 2 ways to administer this phrase.
Way1: "Did you see that fat guy that just walked by? He's such a fuckin burger queen.."

Way2: "Shut the fuck up, you fuckin burger queen ass n*gga."
by Macdaddy487 August 01, 2010
sexy lady. namely people with the first name lauren
last name burger.
"hey burgerqueen, give me some lovin and fries"- john w.
by your momma October 02, 2003
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