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a mix between a burp and barf
"ugh yuck, i just burfed!"
by molly February 20, 2004
When you go to burp and actually barf a little. Don't actually vomit, just get a little taste in your throat.
Oh Dude I think I just burfed!
by Telomere November 17, 2005
An after dinner surprise in which you expect a nice burp but end up with a little barf making its way up your esophagus thus leaving you with that horrible burning sensation. (Burp + Barf = Burf)
Earl: Gee whiz Sally, that was a fine souffle you made!!
Sally: Well thank you Earl.
Earl: Buuuuurppppblecccchhhh!! Oh Christ my thraot is burning....I just BURFED!!!
Sally: Oh Earl!!
by Inatoob August 30, 2007
The act of expelling an exceptionally acrid and heavy fart that feels hot in temperature, making only a slight "bfffff" sound as the bitter fumes leaves the anal cavity. Much more deadly and bitter than the average silent fart.
"Honey, you won't want to sit next me right now. This roasted garlic is making me burf."

"Sam was pissed because I burfed in his cube."

"My wife practically passed out from the burf I just left in the car."
by Pdubs August 26, 2007
According to my 3 yr old daughter, who came up with this word, it is what happens when you burp and barf a little at the same time.
When George gave me that come hither look, I burfed in my mouth.
by carriemomof3 March 02, 2010
A disgusting and nauseating fart, usually consisting of egg-like odors with a hint of shit. Always silent, but deadly.
Dude, it smells like shit! Did somebody burf?
by Nuclearbagel January 11, 2010
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