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Someone who is extremely hot. someone who is a burdick has a nice a$$ and loves their family. They are funny, hot, sexy and smart so if I were you I wouldnt mess with one.
Wow, that girl is a burdick
by Lauren613 February 02, 2008
One so obsessed with finances and paper that he/she will use large amount of paper to complete simple tasks that should only require little to no paper. Tends to rant about being screwed by walmart over small problems. Likes to reminisce over his/hers past life. Avoids swearing by saying words such as "Cats" "Jeepers" and "Oh Man". Usually looks like a turtle, and tends to hide from the world like a turle.
"Dam we got alot of homework, and here comes more! That teacher is such a Burdick!"
"Man my teacher is a mad Burdick, lets give him a dump truck!"
by classhater November 21, 2008

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