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a: Extraordinarily rotund, elephantine, mastodonic.
v: (burbing) To inhale copious amounts of food IE: lard.
a: "Man, that burby is taking up the whole hallway!"

v: "Do you see that person burbing right through that lard?"
by Joshua Batson October 17, 2008
When you indulge in drinking over 30 ounces of sparking beverages that results in sometimes uncontrollable act of burping more than 4 times a minute.
Markus just drank a bottle of sparkling cider, and now he's finishing his 7th Izze!!! He's going to be really burb-y in a few minutes.
by Burb-y Man December 18, 2009
Conversation ruiner. Can turn a normal conversation into a trainwreck immediately.
Wow, she can't even hold a conversation. What a burby.
another term for boobs.
that chicks got nice burbies.
by DynoRyderX March 19, 2004
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