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adj. Term used to describe someone/something that posses characteristics of the hood, projects, or ghetto
Drinking kool-aid out of mayonnaise jars = hoodish refreshments
Egg sandwiches = hoodish lunck
Paying more for rims than you did for your car = hoodish upgrade
Fried bologna = hoodish culinary arts
Having three half-brothers and four half-sisters = hoodish family tree
Combining your name with your man’s to name your kid = hoodish parenting
Playing “ring-around-the-chalk line” = hoodish childhood
by hobitkilla May 25, 2006
The act (or art) of being hood; one who exhurts charactersitics of a hoodlum

See also: gangsterish, thugish, pimpinish
Most hoodlums, that come from the hood, have many hoodish traits.
by JJ The Jet Plane 007 December 14, 2006
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