The combination of a bint and a cunt.

(a bint is a woman who is not very nice; usually rude.)
used when a woman is especially gross, mean, rude, gross, unattractive. essentially a derogatory word for a woman.
"are you going to Katie's party?"
"No! she's such a bunt."

"that bunt stole my boyfriend."

"i hate that woman, she refused me service in the pub the other day."
by buntfinder109 August 08, 2012
Bunt is an adjective denoting a bald or balding man. It's origin may lie in the amalgamation of the two words Bald and C*nt. e.g look at him, what a Bunt.
It can also be used less commonly as an expression of anxiety or angst .e.g "Bunt! I lost my keys."
What a Bunt
by Je suis baldie May 18, 2015
The term 'Bunt' is derived from the words Boring and Cunt. Generaly used for those people who turn up to a house party and talk about insurance.
Can someone save me from this absolute bunt!!
by the bunt January 12, 2015
1. people from Mangalore, India who speak Tulu

2. an under the radar caste even though we have big time celebs including Shilpa Shetty, Sunil Shetty, and Aishwarya Rai

3. people who know how to get shit done
girl- "where are you from?"
boy- "Mangalore"
girl- "what do you speak?"
boy- "Tulu"
girl- "still no clue. what are you?"
boy- "bunt!"
girl- "sounds made up."
by mangagangstas November 18, 2011
A combination between the word bitch and cunt. Bitch is over-used and is beginning to lose its "potency" as an insulting word. Cunt is very brash and inappropriate for most situations. Bunt is an even split between the two.
That girl is such a bunt.

She's in a bunty mood watch out
by Robsapopalis April 05, 2011
Combination of the words bitch and cunt.
God, my wife sure is a b-unt!
by DDSMCS December 23, 2007
Bunts road, the famous street in Lakewood, OH. Called a road but really more of a street, fairly urban in character. Turns into West 140th street when you take it south into Cleveland.
Giel is east of Bunts. Hathaway is between Giel and Bunts. The two supermarkets are at Bunts and Detroit.
by cazort October 30, 2003

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