One step short of a cunt.
She's a bunt, not quite a cunt but more than a bitch.
by Son of a bunt June 03, 2013
A compound word describing fatty upper pussy area (see F.U.P.A. or B.U.P.A.) of a large woman. belly + cunt
Oh my God! Look at how jiggly that B.U.N.T. on that bitch is.
by MikeyB75 November 07, 2006
crotch area, combination of "cunt" and "butt"
Guurrlll, get that stank bunt outta here.
by LilWuu October 13, 2013
1. people from Mangalore, India who speak Tulu

2. an under the radar caste even though we have big time celebs including Shilpa Shetty, Sunil Shetty, and Aishwarya Rai

3. people who know how to get shit done
girl- "where are you from?"
boy- "Mangalore"
girl- "what do you speak?"
boy- "Tulu"
girl- "still no clue. what are you?"
boy- "bunt!"
girl- "sounds made up."
by mangagangstas November 18, 2011
alternative definition for bunt is a severely annoying and egregious female who is a veritable combination of a bitch and a cunt -- a bunt.
'oh my ngod, can you believe what she did?! that's one nasty bunt.'
by musingsfromthecage October 22, 2014
A combination between the word bitch and cunt. Bitch is over-used and is beginning to lose its "potency" as an insulting word. Cunt is very brash and inappropriate for most situations. Bunt is an even split between the two.
That girl is such a bunt.

She's in a bunty mood watch out
by Robsapopalis April 05, 2011
Combination of the words bitch and cunt.
God, my wife sure is a b-unt!
by DDSMCS December 23, 2007

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