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Used frequently in teaching hospitals by junior residents and medical students to describe mindless and thankless errands, such as chasing down radiology reports, drawing blood, and staying on hold with public health -- anything which is heavy on the "service" and light on the "education."

Apparently derived from scutwork, meaning "the work of a useless person."
"I don't know if I'll survive grand rounds today. I was up all night running scut."

"I hear rotating at hospital XYZ is a better learning experience than hospital ABC... less scut."
by blaidd January 12, 2004
Canadian two dollar coin.

Derives from combining loonie and "two".
"Coffee costs $1.35. If you give me a toonie, I'll give you 65 cents back."

"Got two loonies for this toonie?"
by blaidd January 12, 2004
Two or more snowplows plowing a multi-lane highway in a specific fashion where the one in the innermost lane is just a few metres ahead of the next one, and so on, ensuring snow is bumped from the inside lane right on out to the outside shoulder.
Also known as "echelon plowing."
"It took me hours to get home. I got stuck behind a congo line."

"We've had 6 cm of snow within an hour and the congo lines are already out."
by blaidd January 12, 2004
The action of a cat rubbing its head against an object or person.
The cat keeps bunting against my hand, making it difficult to type.
by blaidd January 12, 2004
The action of a cat arching its back and rubbing against the leg of a favoured person, often weaving figure 8 patterns in a way most likely to trip that person.
"As soon as I got home, both cats immediately stropped against me, quickly turning my pantlegs into furry lint-magnets."
by blaidd January 12, 2004

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