Wanking because of an inability to get any action. To be used as part of the "base system" of sexual advancement.
Mel wouldn't even let me get to first base. When I got back home, I was forced to bunt.
by Hugh J. February 08, 2008
A vagina that looks like a bum.
all lips are inside, just the slit shows.
That chicks cunt looks like a baby's butt...
Oh, so she's got a bunt eh???
by Jeff Snow May 07, 2007
Rubbish, crap, useless, boring, generally negative.
I had a 'bunt' night out last night.
by Lawrence Robinson August 16, 2006
Bitch Cunt
She is such a bunt.
I can not stand her she is such a bunt.
Allie is a bunt
by cemeg December 12, 2010
It is commonly used to insult someone or to describe something bad, boring or maybe even something unlucky.
it is a very versatile word and can be used to describe almost anything negatively.
did you see that catch? it was bunt as.
omg have you seen her make up, shes such a bunter.
did you hear her yelling at me i just got a bunting.
why you acting like a bunt all the time.
that teacher is acting like a bunter.
by mik_dawgg September 19, 2010
A girl with an extra large camel toe; a.k.a an extra fat pussy.
Look at that girl's bunt - its bigger than my balls.
by Buntcake July 07, 2009
an ugly fat women.comes from a combination of bloater and munter
did you see that fucking bunt?she was cracking pavements as she walked
by ollie deezee January 03, 2009

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