A bunion is the result of wrapping up a small animal, preferably a cat, with a blanket tight enough to where it can't move.

The animals head is the only area left unwrapped.

Oh my god, Fluffy looks so cute in a bunion!
by LuckyLemon February 16, 2009
Top Definition
when the joints of the big toe bone and the pinky toe bone become deformed and point out in opposite directions of the foot. this can result from wearing pointy high heel shoes or it can be hereditary
sara always wore high heels. now she has bunions
by raghlkerugarudsg June 19, 2007
1. BUNION- a disgusting lumps of skin on ones foot generally on the toes. built up caluses on a foot. looks like baby toes sprouting from the foot.
EX. Damn that bitch has got some bunions on here feet. talk about who let the dogs out. that ho needs to get that shit filed off. look like Dog-Zilla.
by PIMP S. May 17, 2004
An Ugly, hard lump on the foot
And to think...as a child I had bunions...Imagine the shock...why, I almost died!
by Coconut on the Moon May 28, 2005
the nickname for any stupid student as given by the world famous photo/shop teacher at Beachwood High School
Don't be a bunion all your life!
by jeff moss July 03, 2006
Bunion, a tasty onion sandwich. A snack or a full meal.
Take an onion and a bread roll , or bun. Sandwich the onion inside the bun, hence; a bunion.
by james kirk March 16, 2006
an alternative name, a very vague play on words for people with the surname "Bullas", popular around middle England areas such as Birmingham and Coventry.
The nickname became commonly used around the 1990's, the origins of the use of the word are unknown however.
J. Bullas is known to his friends As "Bunion."
by Rob Bryan July 11, 2005
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