an alternative name, a very vague play on words for people with the surname "Bullas", popular around middle England areas such as Birmingham and Coventry.
The nickname became commonly used around the 1990's, the origins of the use of the word are unknown however.
J. Bullas is known to his friends As "Bunion."
by Rob Bryan July 11, 2005
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Bunion, a tasty onion sandwich. A snack or a full meal.
Take an onion and a bread roll , or bun. Sandwich the onion inside the bun, hence; a bunion.
by james kirk March 16, 2006
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A butt soooooo fine, it makes your eyes water.
Mmmmmmm...did you check out the bunion on that hottie?
by Lala fish January 21, 2009
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the nickname for any stupid student as given by the world famous photo/shop teacher at Beachwood High School
Don't be a bunion all your life!
by jeff moss July 03, 2006
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