The past tense of Bang in the sexual form. Replaced by banged.
Dude 1: "Oh, dude. I bung that chick so hard last week!"
Dude 2: "No way! I bung her and her 3 friends last night!"
by J_Mystique November 05, 2009
This is a slang word for dust. It is usually used for dust that has remained in one place for a long time.
This dirty floor is covered in layers of bung.
by RandomGherkin June 19, 2009
A notorious shit-hole bar in the heart of springfield that retards, meatheads, and overdressed sluts go to drink one dollar beers between the hours of 5 and 8 pm on thursday nights.
also known as Bung-a-hoes
"Yo, dick, meet me at The Bung"
"What are you up to tonight?"
"Nuttin', just hittin The Bung"
by guynicely September 02, 2007
As Hung is he past version of hanged, Bung is the past version of Banged.
"Dude, remember Stephanie? Yea, we bung last night. Totally sweet."
by Andy Schram, Steve Hand August 25, 2007
when someone is acting like a true pain or is just being an idiot
steven jones is a true bung.
by crackmonkey909 June 29, 2006
A bung is an apparatus used to seal a container, such as a bottle, tube ,barrel or your ass.
The squirts are a bitch. I had to use a kleenex bung to plug my ass.
by Aaron, biatch February 08, 2006
To give someone a "Drink" i.e a reward for something
They said it couldnt be done but I gave him a bung
by paul-k January 22, 2004

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