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To cause someone to fall off of a cliff and into the bottomless pit below, where he will either be reincarnated from above, or forced to play a slots game.
"i bunge joo noob fag!"
by Thores December 05, 2003
Bunge, the word that can be used to describe anything or anyone.
"Fuck thats so bunge" "Oh my god, you're such a bunge" "That is the bungest thing i have ever seen" "How are ya bunge"
by garca899 April 14, 2014
It can mean whatever you want, anything and everything......
First person: Bunge?
Second person: Bunge *noding in agreement*
by benjamin the 8th March 03, 2007
Where a player, in games such as Worms and Arcanists, is killed or drowned by having the ground beneath them removed (causing them to fall or fly in a direction).
Player 1 - "Noob, you bunged me!"
Player 2 - "Don't stand at the edge then!"
by 3mptylord July 04, 2009
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