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shaging some one up the bum
thomas wight bumraped gareth walsh all day
by wouldnt u like 2 no August 05, 2003
to be overcharged; ripped-off. Referring to money.
I got completely wankered the other night, got a cab home and the bastard driver bumraped me of £15.
by Mercunium September 04, 2003
To take an avalanche of abuse from your boss or other authorotire figure
I took a right bum raping
by Fred West February 23, 2005
Although it sounds like a sexual offence, its far from it in the terms its used in!

- This word is not to be used/spoken as an offensive term!
- To be used ONLY in joking/slang terms only!
DAVE: Hey Paul i think your a total prick for smoking all my cigars!

PAUL: STFU you noob before i BUM RAPE you Dave!!!
by Bionix October 21, 2007
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