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A word made up by a michigan choir to have hurtful, harmful, or sarcastic meaning.
say you hear some really bad singer. You say something that the other person is supposed to belive is a complement but u say it to be insulting.
ex. "Your singing is really bumpsch". Trust me ive said it to someone before. It works!
by Cordero Young January 20, 2004
{bumpsch}...a bad performance; ie,
people who can't sing
auditions for American Idol
by Nana Florence Foster January 20, 2004
(exclaimation) 1. a response to a question or comment in the negative. 2. a word that sounds like profanity, but in fact isn't.
Do you want to go the the movies? Bumpsch.
by Phil Saberhagen January 17, 2004
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