A good figure, nice body (For girls)
Her body's bumpin', man!!!!
by Will November 11, 2003
hella ligit shit is happenin
this music is hella bumpin
damn that guys car is straight up bumpin
by j bean February 03, 2007
to listen to some real rap, which means no Ja Rule or Vanilla Ice's
I was bumpin' to some half-a-dolla
by The Realest February 24, 2003
Thiz party iz bumpin u know crunk! ...
by Bri November 24, 2002
Make loud music
by VAKI5 November 08, 2003
moving one's head, arm, or other body part (excluding sexual organs) in time to music, almost always rap.
" don't bother him, he's bumpin to Jay-Z
by Rocko September 17, 2003
a baltimore trem for selling drugs
hey son who u out here bumpin for
by mani 1900 February 09, 2008

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