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The act of closely following another vehicle, almost literally sitting on the bumper.
Driver 1: Two drops of rain hit my windshield so I'm going to drive 2 miles per hour.
Driver 2: I guess I'm going to be bumpin' this guy all the way down the road!
by Shoie13 December 22, 2008
The act of throwing several cats into the trunk of your car and driving them a few miles away and letting them out.
Mom (staring at a few cats): Well, looks like it's time to take a cat ride!
Son: Mom, no! Those are my cats and I take care of them!
Mom: It's too late for that! There are just too many cats around here!
by Shoie13 January 24, 2009
The parts of the female body that specifically relate to pregnancy and sexual reproduction.
Ryan: Jaeda, have you used your pregger parts yet?
Jaeda: ......
Ryan: She has! She used her pregger parts! I knew it!
by Shoie13 February 14, 2009

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