Anal sex. When a man inserts his cock into another mans ass and fucks him until he shoots his load up the mans ass.
"Give me a good bumming, I want to feel your hard cock pounding my ass. Fuck me hard, I want your cum up my ass"
by Ben Dover August 05, 2003
To suck up to or try to become good friends with someone. Usually used in a defensive manner.
English/liverpudlian slang.
Oh my god, have you seen Sean pyaa bumming her on facebook?
Oi, Sean! Why the hell are you bumming her so much lately?
by chilli_chocolate January 16, 2011
Another form of bummed out.
I'm kinda bumming, my night's bout to be awkward.
by TikiTikiTembo September 21, 2008
When two or more friends are too close for comfort. spending everyday and every night together. Often when one or two of the group are away for example on holiday the rest of the group begin to get suicidal withdrawal symptoms within the hour. Leads to very different behaviour such as inviting friends out that they haven't spoken to in a while seeing them as a "last resort"
Bumbuddy: "man i really miss those two do you?"
normal friend: "no it's been 45 minutes"
Bumbuddy: "oh my god i can't believe you just said that"
normal friend: "dude, you only miss bumming them"

by annonymous154352 July 24, 2008
Passtime practiced by a bender
Those benders love bumming, it's so gay.
by The Reverend Burns July 10, 2003
The insertion of your cock into someones tight (often crusty) braided arsehole...i hope you bought some vaseline
I'm gonna BUM you...softly...*EEEP*
You put the ming in bumming
by Bommerous Qouous January 07, 2004
when you bum something it means you have a passion for it
I bum westlife
by Charli April 21, 2004
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