a blow job from a homeless person
(502): Dude, just got a bummer.
(1-502): What??
(502): A blow job from a homeless chick.
by diffferentia May 06, 2009
1. A word describing the misfortune of something or someone.
2. A situation in which no desireable result can occur
3. A negative form of agreement.
4. A response used when the respondee couldn't care less about the topic at hand.
1. Friend 1: My wife left me last night
Friend 2: Bummer for you.

2. Man 1: We're surrounded by venomous snakes!
Man 2: Wow, this is quite the bummer.

3. Girl: Do you find me attractive?
Guy: Bummer

4. Friend 1: It appears that tomorrow is my last day to live.
Friend 2: Bummer
by PsykoMnky August 28, 2003
Old fashioned UK slang term for a homosexual man.
There goes a right couple of bummers.
by Mr Wibble June 13, 2007
When something bad happens.
- Bummer! There's a hole in the boat
- Bummer! There's a bomb in the bus
- Bummer! There's an old person in the car
- Bummer! There's a dead guy in the airplane
- Bummer! There's a blind guy driving the mini-van
- Bummer! There's a hippy in the Anti-Earth hour national meeting
- Bummer! There's a Jew above Hitlers grave
- Bummer! There's a hippy on the road infront of the double decker bus
by MEGAZOR April 07, 2010
Bummer (noun)
1) A derogatory name for a homosexual of either gender. Origin: 1350–1400; Middle English bom, meaning the buttocks
2) A phrase one uses when disappointed
Guy 1: Dude, what’s with that guy’s mustache, is he a fag?
Guy 2: That word is offensive, you can’t use it anymore!
Guy 1: I can’t say fag anymore? Bummer.
Guy 2: Don’t start calling me names, you butt-pirate
by :-|D May 09, 2011
A plural of bummer meaning homosexuals. Due to their love of anal sex.
Apparently all the people that drink in that bar are a bunch of bummers

I found a couple of bummers fucking in the attic
by Naughtybrethrin June 26, 2008
Meaning tough luck and or thats shitty invented by arthur artonomous page
Thats a bummer dude or Its a real bummer Melissa is wrong
by Pememo September 16, 2007
when you have no medical ; see also medical emergency and mother hubbard
bummer-----CaliGuyMe: I wish that i could go to the dispensary and pick-up a g of master kush for a 15 donation, but now i live in kansas city africa 1700 miles away. : ( so f'''ing sad-----bummer
by tetrahydroC September 09, 2011

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