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not having any medical : see also bummer and medical emergency
headband: are you going to medicate?
CaliGuyMe: I'm mother hubbard I have not a thing in my cupboard.
#bummer #medical #medicali #medical emergency #headband #cannabis #most high god
by tetrahydroC September 09, 2011
when one runs out of medical marijuana
Bob: what's wrong,why are you so distraught
Rick: i didn't want to let you know but, I have no master kush
or headband
Bob: we'll just smoke some white widow, green crack or granddaddy purple , or blue dream
Rick: no you don't understand there is nothing, no
platinumorbubba kushnoOG kusheither, not a g of northern lightsAK-47white rhino

orrussian not a joint ofpineapple expressbannana kush orsour diesel not a crumb oflebanese hashcheese kief or drop ofhoney oil not a roach offloeuphoriastargazermazarcindy99LA confidentialalaskan thunderfuckhawaiian blue sativaromulanbarney.....
Bob: oh my god! nobody could have imagined such a
crisis what a catastrophe!!!

it is a medical emergency!!!!

p.s. medical emergency! is never seen without exclamatory marks, remarks, or headshaking sympathy for the victims of this heinous plight.
#medical #medicali #strain guide #love #smells like love #tragedy #catastrophe #bummer
by tetrahydroC September 09, 2011
when you have no medical ; see also medical emergency and mother hubbard
bummer-----CaliGuyMe: I wish that i could go to the dispensary and pick-up a g of master kush for a 15 donation, but now i live in kansas city africa 1700 miles away. : ( so f'''ing sad-----bummer
#medical #medical emergency #nomorus cannabis #cannabis #headband #heinous
by tetrahydroC September 09, 2011
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