the act or process of anal sex; one who enjoys anal sex
Patrick: Wow, Dakota is such a bummer.

Analysa: He definitely like to take it up the ass.
by The Sex Factor August 16, 2010
when you have no medical ; see also medical emergency and mother hubbard
bummer-----CaliGuyMe: I wish that i could go to the dispensary and pick-up a g of master kush for a 15 donation, but now i live in kansas city africa 1700 miles away. : ( so f'''ing sad-----bummer
by tetrahydroC September 09, 2011
a bummer is usually found at partys one who smokes cigarettes but doesnt ever bring a pack and continues to ask/bum cigarettes off others
bummer: hey you got a cigarette i can bum off you
person: not for you
bummer: hey how bout you do you have a cig?
person 2: no this is my last one
by my fingers hurt September 12, 2009
When getting a handjob or blowjob you also get a finger in your bum.
WHOA a finger in my ass.... what a bummer!
by RuZilla October 24, 2009
A hummer performed by a homeless person
I was walking through the alley and convinced the toothless lady begging for change outside the bar to give me a bummer. Only cost me $5, best $5 I ever spent
by SpywareAgen7 May 26, 2009
A bummer lamb is an orphaned baby sheep that has to be fed with formula from a bottle. When you call someone by their name and add bummer, it means they don't like crowds and prefer to stay much to themselves.
The silly bummer won't go to the football game because of the crowds.

Christy bummer rather watch old movies on netflix than go to the theater, wait in long lines of people, and have to sit by strangers.
by Zoie Blue January 04, 2009
A blow-job from a homeless chick. A combination of bum and hummer.
Guy 1: Dude, I heard you were seen in an alley with State-Street Stacy last night.
Guy 2: Yeah dude, she gave me a bummer in exchange for a KFC famous bowl.
by The Mosquito May 05, 2009

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