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The act of having your bum fucked. Taking a dick up your ass for sexual gratification purposes.
The young gay lad was worried because he knew that now he had Come Out and accepted his sexuality, that he would more than likely get bumfucked. Why couldn't his life be easy like lesbians who just Come Out and get on with things? Why would he have to bend over and take it up the ass? Sheesh, he wasn't looking forward to being bumfucked but it would be a part of his life now.
by Jonathan June 22, 2004
1. Past tense of bum fuck.
2. The act of recieving sex up one's ass.
1. Judging by the way she walked, it was clear to everyone at work that Becky had recently been bum fucked.
by JSuarez October 19, 2007
Synonym for dumbfounded, flabbergasted.
I was bumfucked when I wasn't voted off in the first round.
by Millro July 02, 2007
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