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anal sex, or the love of another mans anal area. bumbum refers to man on man sex, as they both have an arse that is "penetrable", therby being two "bums" included in the sex.
"dont try and hide it, we all know you like the bumbum"

"those gayboys love a bit of bumbum"

by jonobello January 29, 2006
5 16
Possibly the cutest way of demonstrating one's posterior
-"aww, did you fall down?"

-"yes mommy, and I hurt my bum bum" =(
by Nancey July 03, 2003
102 31
anus, arse, ass, behind, backside, booty, bottom, bum, buns, butt, buttocks, can, derriere, dorsal, fanny, fundament, heinie, hindquarters, hind end, keister, posterior, prat, rear, rear end, rectum, rump, sphincter, stern, seat, tail, tail, tooshie, tuchus, tush
"Daddy, what do I do with this fudgesicle?" ... "Well, Jonny, you can stick it in your bum bum".
by john November 24, 2003
68 30
a nickname for someone who makes you uncontrollably silly& happy when you see them. Someone who unknowingly makes faces while watching television. Someone with a smile not like any other. someone you can talk to at the beginning & end of everyday. They make the most crazy moments worth while. & you just can't help but love em!
"bum bum are you awake?"
"i love you bum bum!"
"goodnight bum bum."
by bumbumdotcom August 16, 2012
21 7
young school-kids way of saying 'ass'. Also see botty, bum, tush
"Oopsie daisies! I landeded on my bumbum!"
"Hey, thaaaat's great, kid."
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 08, 2003
23 12
A sign of endearment for two people passionately in love.
I love you my little baby bumbum bumski.
by Silvia890 October 23, 2008
17 8
I don't like stinky bum-bums...
by HE HE HE? October 20, 2003
12 6
Person who is the biggest silly head in the world.
That guy, Claudio, is such a bumbum!
by sariiee February 10, 2013
4 3