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somebody who is kind,sweet like honey, and always there. Just like a bumblebee will always be there even when you think she left you she's still there. Somebody that I can truly say is my best friend.
Kristine, A.K.A bumble bee, is one in a billion.
by noNeedToKnow May 07, 2003
A character from Transformers. Bumblebee is one of the smallest Autobots. He is a yellow and black small sized Autobot.

In the Transformers Animated series, Bumblebee appears as a human in the episode "Human Error". Bumblebee as a human is a African American with a yellow jacket and a black stripe running through the middle, yellow shorts, and a yellow cap with horns.

In the Transformers Movies, Bumblebee is the guardian or protector of Sam Witwicky. Sam found Bumblebee in a car dealership, and ended up being his first car. Bumblebee drove off one day and Sam thought that his car was being stolen and followed Bumblebee. When he found him, he then learned that Bumblebee was a Transformer.
Car forms:

Transformers Movies: Camaro
Transformers G1: Volkswagen, Bug (Car)
Transformers Animated: Police Car
"Someday, I hope to get a Bumblebee Camaro."
"Bumblebee is my favorite character from Transformers."
by JellyDinosaur April 17, 2010
an affectionate way to show love to someone, you buzz and pretend to be a bee landing on there face to collect there nectar for instance like a bee would land on a daisy.
bumblebee put a smile on the girls face.
by qwerty51 September 30, 2009
a autoboy that murders/kills decepticons but is often underestimated by everyone because he is small and yellow mostly cause hes yellow
"yo did you see bumble bee fuck that bitch up the other day"
by guru4/20biotch April 18, 2008
Large black woman wearing highlighter yellow clothing.
The woman crossing the street is a Bumble Bee.
by DangleBees January 10, 2013
A highly racially offensive term for someone who is half African American and half Asian. The reasoning behind it is that African-Asians are black and yellow, and so are bumble bees.
"I am half black half Asian!""You mean you're a bumble bee?"
by Isaac Raygan November 03, 2011
A sexual position where you stick your dick in a womans vagina in sort of a stabbing motion while she rides you as if you had a stinger for a dick.
Last night I bumble bee-ed my girlfriend so hard
by ClitMasterFlex3000 October 27, 2010