Jamaican, english equivalent of "motherfucker". Can be used derogitvely or not, depending on the situation.
"He's the roughest bumboclaat in all of Jamaica"
by Dan ::thekino:: May 01, 2003
Acronym for: Big Ugly Metropolitan Buildings Often Create Loss of Ambience for All Tenants. The tendency to overdevelop on culturally and/or ecologically sensitive areas is unfortunately de rigueur under our Republican administration, with the love of money rather than common sense being the bottom line. Derived from Bumboclaat.
I have just the right word for all of this shit they're building lately in New York: BUMBOCLAAT!
by pentozali May 04, 2007
a jamaican expletive
why the bumboclaat you keep drinking my beer?

are you a bumboclaat idiot?
by ragged July 21, 2003
Bumboclaat: means fuck or damn.
EX: wut da BUMBOCLAAT wit u?!
by Crome April 29, 2007
Jamaican equivelant of "what the fuck"
What de Bumboclaat mek u drink all me rum.
by Roy December 17, 2003

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