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when someone is or has to go to the middle of Nowhere. Farther than the boondocks, closer than the "MIDDLE OF FUCKING NOWHERE".
When someone has to travel from So Fla to St. Pete / Da Burg, they pass all the bumbafuck towns between Alligator Alley and St Pete. (even Naples! =] )
by ♠Kitty♠ February 22, 2009
a place very far and inaccessible, a hellish place, the boon docks, an expression used to exaggerate the wretchedness, difficulty to travel to or desolation of an area or place.

usually placed after the prefix of a cardinal direction.
a word of west indian origins bumba meaning ass and fuck being obvious. so the meaning being the place is as bad as being anally raped

often misspelled by yuppies as bumble fuck or bumblefuck
yo kid im mad im in west bumbafuck; aint shit out here to do or see they still really use out-houses.

dude im sorry i was late, im coming all the way from east bumbafuck
by Disleksik kid April 07, 2011
sex when a man holds himself up on a womans back while giving her anal.
"last night I got bumbafucked by my boyfriend".
by Chris Needham February 16, 2005
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