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Back in Jamaica when the woman had their periods they did not have disposible towels, they would use clothes and then wash then, when they were hung up to dry, when they were on the drying line they were called Bumbacluts. It is a very rude word in Jamaica, like cunt
Rass u fossy hole bumbaclut bwoy mi gonna shoot yah fi dead
by G March 16, 2005
371 65
a black word. Or jamacian or a rude word
shh hut yr bum ba clut
by poo300 November 13, 2007
10 11
jamaican curse word like "shit" or "bloodclut"
bumbaclut!I jus cut ma self
by qleyo August 03, 2003
75 129
a big dick head :) :) :) :)
kris you stupid bumbaclut, ima gunna romp on your ass
by kittyface69er666 December 20, 2005
21 85
2 decribe a person who is acting in a homosexual manner... or who displays certain tendancies prevalent in the homosexual population...
ya fukin bumbaclut ya get buried..
that boy is bumbaclut ya get me...
by nadz December 07, 2003
84 150
a clumsy but
ads get your hand off my crotch u bumbaclut. bitch.
by missionary January 08, 2004
35 120
a clumsy but
gaz your such a sexy bumbaclut!!!

ads get your hand off my crotch u bumbaclut. bitch.
by gaz January 08, 2004
24 119