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Anything type broad who do anything for a dude.
D.C word....TOB
Girl u thought I liked you....bitch you a bum joint
by Ms.Meow September 21, 2006
someone who is very ugly that thinks they are God's gift to Earth.
That girl right ther is a bumjoint.

New York off of "Flavor of Love"

WS aka Cookie of Tallassee AL
by Mizs G December 04, 2006
a male or female lacking attractiveness
You thought I liked you? Bitch, you a bum joint
by Chrisxxxxxxx July 10, 2010
a waste of a sperm; pretty much has no purpose of existing.
often used in regards when talking about someone/something you dont like.
Damn that refs a bum joint.
My phone doesnt work man, what a bum joint
by Gpmoney November 12, 2006
a homeless, no-money-having individual.
Damn, that bum joint stank!
by MBonilla August 25, 2006
A building or structure that is ran down.
Man, you see that old mental instute?
Yea, that's one bum joint.
by Robert CN November 20, 2006
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