someone who dominate others through intimidation
Don't try to bully him into something he don't want to do.
by Gerard Irick September 07, 2009
Someone of senior status in an organization (e.g. CCWA) that uses offensive language and name calling to humiliate underclassmen and new members.
Erik Leiden: Give me your blocks or else.

the next day
Erik Leiden: Get out of here.
the next day
Erik Leiden: You're not REALLY a MUNer. You're just a psuedo-MUNer.
Freshman: Sad :(

Erik Leiden is a bully because he makes my friend Emily cry herself to sleep every night."
by MUNer16 November 30, 2012
Usually a "hot," "good-looking," or "sexy" guy/girl that hurts someone physically/mentally/emotionally/socially by hitting, pushing, shoving, assaulting, teasing, manipulating, tricking, deceiving, mocking, spreading/starting rumors, excluding or ignoring, etc. They bully others to feel better about themselves, yet this only happens for a short while. On the other hand, helping others gives a more satisfactory feeling. A bully is someone who usually has a huge ego, yet without his followers, he's just a troller. Sometimes middle-school male bullies will walk, talk, and act like some sort of stereotypical gangster (nose-flaring, "gangsta-walk," etc). The biggest bullies are the leaders, but sometimes the massive amount of followers he/she has also can play a critical role in bullying. Adult bullies are simply bullies who have never completely grown used to the fact that his followers are gone, and he must lead his own life maturely.

Bullying mainly happens because he/she has been bullied before.
Male bullies are usually stronger or better-looking than their peers. Female bullies tend to be more slimmer or prettier than others. However, this doesn't mean they're better than victims in any way. Instead, the act of bullying makes them worse; strength or looks aren't factors that decide a someone's personal life, it's moral values and kind judgment.
Remember: It's like drugs. Don't do it. Maybe it feels good, but it's not.
Even though Derek has a six-pack, he's a big bully that made sure Charlie, a new kid with lots of acne, never become socially accepted.
by windrider123 March 13, 2011
2 man and woman, most of the time named Valerie and Luis, that tend to pick on that friend that everyone makes fun of because he has no girlfriend. They are really mean and hurt feelings.
Luis: Mark has a tiny penis

Valerie: I know! Hahahaha!
Mark: You guys are bullies!
by Poland4Life April 24, 2010
They are stupid insecure dipshits who make weaklings feel bad about themselves for their own socially enjoyable gain.
A kid walking down the hallway when the bully comes.
Bully: Hey fucktard give me your lunch money.
Kid: Go away!
The bully punches him in the face.
Bully: You just gonna take that huh you retard.
by Know-it-alls '-' May 20, 2014
bullying means to esmaculate, humiliate, it can be physical or verbal, eat someone alive. Parents need to teach their kids how to stand up for themselves if they love them. And if they didn't know now they know because everyone should know about Columbine. All it takes a an hour a day to teach them what to say and how say it. If you can use the right tone they'll flee, and if they get in your face you have a right to protect yourself, make sure they do it where people can break up the fight. Government need to make commercial telling parents to teach their children how to protect themselves. You think school is hard wait til you see the real world. These kids might not even last a day out there the way parents are fucking them up.
people bully others because there's a spirit in them it's called the devil
by 123mif September 03, 2012
Bullys are one of two people: 1. The often unintelligent bully who picks on people, but they really arn't bad. they are usually ok guys but arn't that smart and easily manipulated. 2. Then you have the rare intelligent bully. Hes the crazy one. He is usually the one telling the unintelligent bully what do to. These guys are often sadistic and a socialpath. If only the unintelligent bullys would think for a minute (i know its hard, just try!) then they can relize that what there doing is bad, they could turn around and beat the living shit outta the smart sadistc ones, and protect the smaller, weaker kids.

somekid: no please man i havnt done anything to you!

Bully#2 good bully now excuse me im going to manipulate more ppl and use my intelligence for evil. by the way if u see a lock box with severed fingers in it...let me know.

bullys(so i had to say that cuz urban wont let me not)
by itickleballs August 17, 2007
A major dork with multiple psychological issues that affect his personality traits; causing him to be both a geek and a meanie.
"Wow, have you heard about that kid Sam? "
"He is such a bully! "
by 243816qwer September 17, 2013

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