someone who dominate others through intimidation
Don't try to bully him into something he don't want to do.
by Gerard Irick September 07, 2009
Somebody who hurts others either physically, mentally or emotionally. They can ruin a persons life, just to make themselves feel better
Josephine bullies Kate in English and Religion by saying shes stupid. She's a bully and makes Kate cry.
by Kateeeeeeeee June 11, 2008
Someone who, at school, is too lazy to work and sees no reason why any one else should. Despite their parading about, bullies are physical cowards who will only pick on those weaker than themselves. They usually finish up in and out of jail or serving behind the fish counter until they're 70. Bullies can also be found in the work-place, or hanging around streets and pubs looking for trouble. Grown-up bullies are basically schoolboys who've never grown up, usually because they can't deal with the adult world. Many bullies are short-arses with an inferiority complex which means they have to try to prove themselves. They are usually dated by sleazy blondes with an IQ of 4 between them. Teachers can also be bullies, which means that bullying problems among the school-children don't go away as the bullying teachers pick on the weaker boys.
That pair of bullies have just pushed someone onto the ground and repeatedly kicked him in the face and head. They then ran away before he could get up. What big brave men they are. I want them to arse-bandit me. All worship the bully.
by Stormsworder April 02, 2007
A creature that was born with no parents and raised in a shithole. A creature that has severe emotional problems, anger and stress. And decides to take it out upon smaller prey with verbal or physical insults. Then 10 years later the bully victim is leading a successful life and the bully is rather in prision or dead.
''Yo Rob, check out that bully taunting that litle kid, let's kick his ass and show him not to mess with people!!''
by MY 8'S ON YO CHIN September 10, 2008
1) A game for the playstation 2 made by rockstar. It came out right after Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' "Hot Coffe Mod" was discovered.The main character is Jimmy Hopkins; a boy who just wants to be alone and in the end, takes over the school's clicks.

2) A student; usualy fat and white who makes fun of kids weaker than themselves even though he isn't much better. Will work at a crap job for the rest of his life and the one who was bullied will most likely grow up to be sucessful. Being a bully is a waste of time.
1) I tried out Bully ,but I liked San Andreas better.

2) That bully is such an ass for screwing with those kids.
by flclimax1 October 30, 2007
An stupid dumbass who picks on a person because they are inferior to them in size, strength, popularity, etc. They pick on you 'till you go home and find your parents gun and shoot said bully square in the head and watching them die and you'd be the one going to jail, but at least you know you help God can't out the trash!
Bully: you a big pussy, PUSSY, PUSSY......
Kid: pulls out glock, shoots bully repeatingly
by Mr. Master K December 22, 2006
Bully, the video game
Very funny, and made by rockstar.
Shit man! this new game bully is freakin awsome!
by gunzonline123 November 18, 2006
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