(v.) an ability acquired by many students to create answers out of thin air and making it sound legitimate.

(n.) sometimes an outrageous and unbelievable thing called out by people.

Teacher: Dave, you did such an excellent job on your essay. And for it you got the highest grade.
Dave: Thank you, teacher! *when teacher walks away, Dave looks at his friend* Dude, I honestly didn't think I'd do well on it. I had no idea what to write and just bullshited it.

Alex: Yo! Einstein just got a hovercraft for his birthday!
Peter: Bullshit!
by koreankid1028 September 01, 2010
Absolutely everything. Life, knowledge, fucking everything...think about it. Search deeply.
Kyle: Dude, I'm so confused about life.

Tom: Don't worry about it dude. It's all a bunch of bullshit.
by ChopD3luxe April 18, 2009
exactly how it sounds...its bull shit
you dont wanna step in this
on the ranch...

benny: whats that smell?
bob: DUDE! you stepped in bullshit!
by abcdefgfijklmnopqrstuvwxyz December 31, 2008
Your submission was canceled before it was reviewed by editors.
"Your submission was canceled before it was reviewed by editors." is bullshit.
by zuffix August 05, 2007
The most widly used expression by those who play SOCOM for ps2. Every kill that never was has been deemed "Bullshit!" If you've played any version of SOCOM, you know first hand.
"BULL-FUCKING-SHIT, i fucking lit his ass up this game is such fucking bullshit."

yet, we all still play.
by Cousin Skeeter July 17, 2006
1. See electoral college.
2. Verb meaning to pass by the skin of one's teeth in school. To do crappy assignments and still manage to pass your classes.
I bullshitted my way through school.
by Lucy Li November 11, 2004
(n.): shit from a bull. An untrue, unappreciative, or distrustful action/speech.
(v.): to lie or do bad unto another.
(n.): I can't believe this... this is BULLSHIT!!!
(v.): Don't bullshit me.
by choey January 18, 2004

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