When a bull has a bowl movement
when a bullshit -s
by kkcutie123 January 12, 2011
Something I tolerate everyday.
Friend: So, how's life today?

Me: It's bullshit, man.
by Fukyou January 17, 2014
Most of today's media, music and movies.
- Have you heard Lady Gag...
- Aw man please no more bullshit for today
by Another random guy August 18, 2013
"People these days always call it "anal intercourse" or "anal rape." Bullshit. Cornhole. It's a man's word: shotgun, chainsaw, cornhole." -George Carlin
by :Plolzugotzcornholedz August 12, 2010
A favorite tool of the mass conformist world who loves to use it to as a desperate attempt to fit in with society when they don't have the brains to think for themselves. But to intelligent people, they just look like bullshitting morons.
George Carlin: America's #1 industry is the marketing and packaging of bullshit.
by hunglikehuang October 14, 2006
when you completely disagree by someone explanation
Itachi: How sun is purple?
Spifo: dear I know what is sun and how does it look like but you have agree what women/girls says if u have to live in this world
Itachi: Bullshit
by UchihaItachi April 03, 2015
It is a popular buzzword on Google search suggestions to complain just about everything going on in the world.
Did you hear the news story? It's bullshit if you ask me!
by rolls rock January 11, 2015

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