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when a man loves a woman, they bull
to bull = want to have sex
to be bullin = having sex
to be bulled = have had sex

Does tha want bullin?
Has tha bin bulled?
I was bullin her up the wrong un when her mum came home.
by Chris Hague October 12, 2006
A giant, douchebag of epic proportions. Slow as fuck, holding everyone up when they are in a hurry. Usually has a fondness for leather accessories. Feelings are easily hurt because they are big vaginas.
Quit being a bullins, we've got places to go, man.
Look at him and his leather man-purse, he's such a bullins.
by Daddy Mcgee February 07, 2010
nice version for bullshittin
You aint got my money?Aw u bullin!
by Juice June 27, 2003
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