Hardcore lesbian; Lesbians who constantly seek and search for straight women to "Turn out"
"Dat big burly bitch ain't nothin' but a Bull Dagger!"
by Joocee247 August 18, 2004
Top Definition
A masculine identifying lesbian; usually African American.
A handsome bulldagger leaned casually over the bar; those women she looked at blushed and smoothed their hair.
by R. July 10, 2003
a masculine lesbian, bull dyke
Jolene's a nasty-ass bull dagger. She works at the county lockup, makes those girls do some weird shit, man.
by Anonymous November 08, 2002
a dike looking fenal
She is a bull dagger
by Maurice November 15, 2003
black butch lesbian in prsion
by Bix June 11, 2003
A hard core, man hating, feminist lesbian ususally sporting a slight mustache. They are usually overweight, pushy and middle aged. They never shave and shower/bath every few days or so. They sometimes seem resentful that they were born a woman.
A, "Have you seen Rio? Why doesn't she wash that vag? I can smell it across the room!"

B, "Rio's such a bull dagger! It's almost like she wishes she were a guy."
by Mike Hunstings December 04, 2007
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