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A term used for issues that seem incredibly irritating and miniscule.
"Look, I haven't got time for this mickey mouse bullshit. I have more important things to do."
by Andrew Wesker December 03, 2007
its a addition to the word shit,
when something sucks worse than shit.
ya know what, im sick and tired of your mickey mouse bullshit.
What kind of mickey mouse bullshit is this?
by Robert Parker December 24, 2003
1)when you get bullshit information at your job and no one cares that you work for weeks with no weekend to see your family.

2)menial task that are passd on to you to make your chain of command feel like they know how to run a unit.
man we got passed bad word again and i have to go to the field over the weekend for the 3 time this month, this shit is mickey mouse as fuck.

Why is the unit always pulling this mickey mouse bullshit
by fuckthisshitmyspaceniggas August 09, 2012
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