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The process of shaving your full beard and leaving the trimmings floating in the toilet bowl, at which point you use said toilet bowl to take a crap, thereby coating your feces in the hair which now resembles a stuffed animal that can be presented to your girlfriend or wife.
Hey honey! I went to build a bear today! Come check it out!
by kanute August 20, 2010
To do the number two...bathroom-wise
"Man burritos always makes me have to build a bear, a big fucking bear."
by Informalskin January 22, 2008
When you are shaving a woman huge bush while she is taking a shit. The hair falls onto the shit creating your very own stuffed animal. Congratulations you just performed your first "Build a Bear"!
Russel: Wow that bush is big - Can I shave it?
Female: I'm not sure... maybe after I take a shit
Russel: Why don't we just "Build a Bear"?
Female: What is that?
Russell: Let me show you ...Mwuahahahah *evil Russel laugh*
by RR300 May 24, 2011
To put the stuffin' to a girl
What'd you two do last night? Man, I build a bear'd her so good.

I'd like to build a bear that girl.
by Preacher_Man Dave October 13, 2009
To defacate enough to have material for sculpting an animal, preferrably a bear, out of it.
Dude, I was just back there building a bear, and it was HUGE!
by olabandola January 09, 2005
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