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VERB:to juggle balls with your tounge.
ADJ: bugglesque
ADV: buggling
past tense: buggled
future tense: buggle
one who gets buggled: buggli
my girlfriend loves to buggle me.
your mother buggles
by Aron kantu October 29, 2007
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When one tackles another to the floor, then burrows into their shirt while snuggling them at the same time as a way of affection.
Vinny: *buggles* ily
Sarah: -buggles back- ily2
Vinny: WHOO!
Sarah: ;D
by vinvinvin April 20, 2007
the action of tackling someone to the ground, cuddling with them and nuzzling your head in their shirt.
Guy: lol. I love to buggle.
Girl:me too. -giggles-
Girl: -tackles guy to ground-
Guy: ;D
Girl: -cuddles-
by Sarahhhhh May 08, 2007
To juggle balls in your mouth
(Said in a heavy english accent)Your mothers a buggler
by Someone1206789 April 09, 2008
Term of affection used to describe one's paramour. Title warrants privileges guaranteed to only one person at a time, excluding Sundays.
"I'm the Buggle!"
"No you're not! It's Sunday."

"I'm the Buggle, and I demand a back crack!"

Bugglemonster is Buggle's counterpart.
by greenrhino March 20, 2007
To buggle is to perform lude sexual acts on a subject of a innapropriate age such exampes include: anyone above the age of 16 with someone below said age as well as any age below that with which the two participants have a two or more year age gap.

The verb of buggling
Alastair: I'd really love to go and buggle Emily.

Roman: I'd let that madonna buggle me.
by Lerriuqs August 25, 2008
buggle: <verb/adj> used to descibe a sense of tension associated with or caused by procrastination and/or constipation
By the accumlation of both government and spanish assignments, vaishy and deepy b buggled out to a rhythm reminscent of the exorcist.

vaishy and deepy b buggled out likejack nicholson in "the shining"
See love and convulsions
by Vaishnavi and Mandeep November 02, 2005

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