this is when you are trying to define someone or something as extremely attractive or good looking ( derived from the term buff)
" WOW man buffness and a half serious that guy looks fine!"
by omarion's no#1 fan December 08, 2008
Top Definition
fit lads, hot.
there aint that much buffness but ders a few ok lads.
by BabyGal October 04, 2003
When you can truly say the following:
Dude, I almost started a fire today in physics class, 'cause I'm SMOKING HOT!
Dude, could I borrow your sewing machine, 'cause I'm RIPPED!
Dude, I almost got suspended today, 'cause I brought THESE GUNS TO SCHOOL!
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie March 16, 2003
fit, really nice lookin, sexy, hot, martians from space, marty brown, bob dogman, he keeps pasin me by wiv an iguna on his shulda and its so buff
cattles up a fishes bum woz ere luvin da sharkz!:D
by cattlesupafishesbum March 09, 2005

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