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being dread, mean
Gerrelle: "Ugh look at the freak, what an ugly ass bitch"

Alesha: "Come on Gerrelle man, thats dread"
by BabyGal October 18, 2003
fit lads, hot.
there aint that much buffness but ders a few ok lads.
by BabyGal October 04, 2003
not own bredrin.
there was one brere who Shantae introduced me to.
by BabyGal October 04, 2003
stupid little preteens or 13 year olds walking round like little tarts in slutty clothes thinkin dey all dat.
a 12 year old walking down the street in denim mini-mini skirt and a top saying "little devil".
by Babygal November 11, 2003
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