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when the streaming pauses during an online video in order to load, causing severe frustration for the viewer
Scenario: Two people watching an online video

Person 1: Awww, that shit is gnarly man!!!!

Person 2: Oh no way, brah! This video is sick!!!!

Person 1: This is so cool. Wait. no, nO, NO! ... FUCK!!!

by Professor Lomeson Moremlet December 15, 2010
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To have one's watching of streaming video stymied due to poor connection with the server.

See also: megavideoed
Dude I was watching a pirated video online, but I gave up because I kept getting bufferfucked.
by JiMinitaur February 20, 2010
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When buffering occurs repeatedly while trying to watch T.V. or a movie on ones computer.
I was trying to watch a movie on Netflix but kept getting Buffer Fucked.
by N4CER32 October 19, 2011
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When Youtube resets or loses your buffer when you switch tasks/tabs.
"I started this youtube video so it could buffer, but when I switched back to it I got bufferfucked."
by Philostopher February 25, 2012
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