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when the streaming pauses during an online video in order to load, causing severe frustration for the viewer
Scenario: Two people watching an online video

Person 1: Awww, that shit is gnarly man!!!!

Person 2: Oh no way, brah! This video is sick!!!!

Person 1: This is so cool. Wait. no, nO, NO! ... FUCK!!!

by Professor Lomeson Moremlet December 15, 2010
To have one's watching of streaming video stymied due to poor connection with the server.

See also: megavideoed
Dude I was watching a pirated video online, but I gave up because I kept getting bufferfucked.
by JiMinitaur February 20, 2010
When buffering occurs repeatedly while trying to watch T.V. or a movie on ones computer.
I was trying to watch a movie on Netflix but kept getting Buffer Fucked.
by N4CER32 October 19, 2011
When Youtube resets or loses your buffer when you switch tasks/tabs.
"I started this youtube video so it could buffer, but when I switched back to it I got bufferfucked."
by Philostopher February 25, 2012
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