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To stand with your arms tighly crossed looking over to side at somebody. This comes from the pose struck by Bruce Smith of the Buffalo Bills in the late 1980's
Run Dmc often posed in a "Buffalo Stance"
#rap #hip hop #buffalo bills #run dmc #sports #bruce smith.
by Apollyon DCLXVI October 13, 2005
"Buffalo Stance" is a song by Neneh Cherry.

It inspired a unique "dance" on the television show Dance Party USA; dancers would stand absolutely still for the duration of the song.
Have you listened to "Buffalo Stance" by Neneh Cherry? It's totally rad!
#80's music #neneh cherry #good music #dance #cool
by rad dudet March 18, 2007
a catchy song by Neneh Cherry that pushes the delusion that a beautiful woman will choose a sincere man of modest means over a shallow rich man (with all other attributes being equal)
I remember that I used to listen to that song "Buffalo Stance" and think that I actually had a chance with this girl who was being pursued by a rich guy.
#myth #golddigger #superficiality #deception #heartbreak
by gawthic1 April 01, 2010
The way a prostitute stands on the corner is called the "Buffalo Stance." Dumbass.
"That ho is standing in the Buffalo Stance."
by Brittany January 01, 2004
You are all wrong. If you want to know what it really is, listen to The podcast of the 'Only Lovers Left Alive' 26/09/2009 radio show on Recharged Radio (

It's a show with the writers of the song, creators of 'The Buffalo' in the late 80s, and some of 'The Ants' (Adam and the Ants) too.
Buffalo Stance Neneh Cherry
#buffalo #stance #neneh #cherry #song
by islandbunny07 September 24, 2009
To stand proud (with large testicles).
Mr. Moore stood in a buffalo stance on the playground.
#buffalo stance #bufalo #proud #stand #bison
by jacquelyn-kay September 13, 2006
the way a buffalo stands
dude......dont be a buffalo
by Sex October 04, 2003
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