A.C slater
saved by the bell
by screech March 02, 2004
buff means to clean, ---
to clean is to buff, a bull scare is a strong bluff
by Big L, flamboyant for life December 23, 2007
A house where men can visit prostitutes.
Tell your mum you have an appointment in a buff so we can get drunk!
by Frank993 November 24, 2007
An adj- Describes an activity or action which is seen as thrilling.
PLURAL: buffed out: Describes past actions.
"Last night was buff."
PLURAL: "That roadtrip we went on was buffed out."
by RSIL May 23, 2006
Having a filled out physique with more emphasis placed on muscle mass than definition; swoll.
Jim got buff so the pool would hire him as a lifeguard. Now Jim gets paid $8.50 for sitting under an umbrella.
by scuba steve January 09, 2005
When someone is goodlooking/appealing to the eye, but also has sex appeal and a certain sensual quality.
That boy we saw in the park today was buff!
by Jenny March 23, 2004
To sleep; to have slept a lot.
buffing, buffed
"I didn't get any sleep last night so I think I'll go and buff for the rest of the night."
by lalala3872 December 03, 2008

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